Samba net join problem adding second host named "dev2" in a different subdomain

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Have numerous Debian5 systems doing winbind authentication to AD domain.  Has been working fine for years.  Had flat name space until recently.  Now using subdomains and hit snag.  Already have a  Now adding (subdomain x vs subdomain z).  Joining the new system replaced the previous system in AD.  They both show up in AD as dev2.  Tried numerous changes, e.g. /etc/hosts, hostname, net join -n, etc.  None have worked.  Hoping someone has already solved this problem with name space collisions in subdomains within a single AD domain.
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I'm afraid I have bad news for you -- Samba 3 won't be able to do what you're trying to do -- at least not in the SAMBA name category.

A little background is in order:
 Samba versions (up to 3.5 anyway) primarily depend on the old WINS naming system (think Windows NT and earlier) -- and WINS did not allow for host names to be the same, regardless of the domain part of the FQDN.

So, having two hosts who both have the HOSTNAME dev2, DESPITE having different domain name components, with each being on the same physical LAN -- just will not work. They'll "discover" (through WINS) that there is another host (just the host part -- the dev2 part) on the LAN with the same WINS name and it'll cause one or both of them to shutoff.

From what I understand of Samba 4 (which isn't much, since it's still in alpha testing and I haven't tested it yet), the use of WINS will become depreciated -- so that the entire FQDN can be used to enforce uniqueness... but until Samba 4 is finalized, you're going to have to change the HOST part of one of those system's names.

Sorry to bear the bad news...



Ahh ... makes perfect sense.  Thank you for your assistance.

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