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When I open an Opportunity and create an Activity, I want the Potential Customer (customerid) in the Activity to be populated with the Potential Customer from the Opportunity.(customerid).

I have tried relationships/mappings, javascript and workflows but cannot get any method to work.  Can someone tell how this works and what I need to do the automatic population of Potential Customer on the Activity (the potential customer on the Opportunity is already populated)


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Can you please clarify which fields you are looking to auto-populate and which Activity Type are you looking at?

The most common activity types are Task and Phone Call, both of which has a Regarding which has to be linked to the Opportunity.  The Phone Call also has a Recipient field whcih will default to the Potential Customer.  Potential Customer can be either a Contact or an Account.

When you say Potential Customer in the Activity - Is this a custom field or a renamed existing field?


On the Opportunity form, the name of the field is customerid (labeled Potential Customer)

On the Activity form, the field name is also customerid but it appears that it does not appear there out of the box.  I looked at another CRM system and did not see Potential Customer (customerid) field, so it appears that it was added.  It is not prefixed by new_, however, it is just customerid.

This should work for any type of Activity - that is, whatever the Potential Customer is in Opportunity, it should populate Potential Customer in a new Activity.

Just to clarify, do you have an activity Type called "Activity" or are you creating a "Phone Call", "Task", etc?

Reason for asking is there is an Activity entity in CRM which is system use only but no activity type called "Activity".  For you to have the function you are talking about for ANY activity type linked to an Opportunity, you would have to look at all the relevant entities (Phone Call, Task, etc) and look at the relationships on each one in turn.

It may be worth taking one of these as an example, lets say Phone Call.  Go through Settings > Customization > Customize Entities and double click Phone Call.  If this field is a static text field it should be showing in Attributes.  If this field is a lookup field (click-through to the linked Company) then this field should be showing in N:1 Relationships.  Scroll across the screen to find the column "Attribute Name" and look for "Potential Customer".

Is it there?  If so, what is the Relationship Name, the Primary Entity and the Related Entity?
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As you point, I was looking at the wrong entities.  The entities that I want to populate with the Potential Customer (customerid) from Opportunity are Task, Phone Call, etc.  Each of these entities has a custom field called "new_potentialcustomer"

To use your example, I clicked on the Phone Call entity.  The new_potentialcustomer field is a text field.
Under the N:1 relationships, there is a relationship defined as Opportunity_PhoneCall with the primar;y entity defined as Opportunity and the Related Entity defined as Phone Call.  

If I double click this relationship, there is not a Mappings link that I could use to map customerid to new_customerid.  What is my next move?

Thanks and let me know if you need more detail.
From each of your activity entities (Phone Call, Task, etc) you will need to create a workflow.  Each of these workflows will be exactly the same with the only difference being the Entity they will run from.  These Workflows will be triggered under condition Start When Record is Created.

1. Add Step - Check Condition
2. Select under check condition and Add Step - Update Record
3. Ensure this is on the correct entity, so if you are creating the Phone Call workflow, make sure the Update reads "Phone Call" and select Set Properties
4. Select your field "Potential Customer" and then look on the right-hand Form Assistant
5. Operator = 'Set To'
6. Look For = 'Regarding (Opportunity)', then 'Potential Customer'
7. Click Add, select the added data underneath the Add button and click OK
8. Save and Close
9. Publish and then test

Bear in mind Workflow runs AFTER the phone call has been created so in testing the Phone call should be created and use Save and Close.  Then wait 10 seconds and open the Phone Call and the data should now be in the field.  In operation, you should be able to trust this will work as designed so no need to keep closing and opening.


Thanks - I will set this up and get back with any questions.

Appreciate your help.


Set it up and it worked the first time, Thanks much

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