Routing failed to locate next hop

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Hello, I need a little help on this one. I have something wrong with my routing/tunnels. The tunnel between 10.13 and .77 is established. .77 can talk to 10.13....but only if .77 starts the communication.

Example. can ping    BUT cannot ping 77.1.

I get the error below in the log viewer.
Routing failed to locate next hop for ICMP from inside: to inside:

What do I have wrong?
(please note that only tunnel is active. All others are pending.)

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John MeggersNetwork Architect

What peer is the subnet connected to?  Looks like everything is going through a 209.x.x.x next-hop from the route statements, but I wonder if your ACL matches up with a crypto map statement.  I see:

access-list aclToVF extended permit ip

But I don't see a crypto map statement matching that ACL name.



Sorry, rookie mistake. That running config was an old one.

For crypto map statement i have:
crypto map crmVpnToSite 1 match address aclToVF
crypto map crmVpnToSite 1 set peer 96.x.x.x
crypto map crmVpnToSite 1 set transform-set X
You dont have to define route for the remote network will come automatically in routing table of the firewall when the tunnel will be up...
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The crypto map that mentioned in your comment is not present in the config file attached....


Sorry for the confusion. Here is a new running config.

In trying to fix a hairpinning issues I had entered the line:
static (inside,inside) netmask

Removing that line fixed my 'failed to find next hop' issue.

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