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My cisco has sdm how can I access it.  I tried it in browser like 'http://localip of router.  But it seems like I need to install something on my xp machine to make it work.  What is it?  Please guide in steps and any commands if any?
Help plz
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1         1646 May 05 2006 02:34:46 -04:00 sdmconfig-2811.cfg
2      4052480 May 05 2006 02:35:12 -04:00 sdm.tar
3       812032 May 05 2006 02:35:28 -04:00 es.tar
4      1007616 May 05 2006 02:35:44 -04:00 common.tar
5         1038 May 05 2006 02:35:56 -04:00 home.shtml
6       113152 May 05 2006 02:36:10 -04:00 home.tar
7       511939 May 05 2006 02:36:26 -04:00 128MB.sdf
8     31865772 Jul 24 2006 03:53:24 -04:00 c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.123-14.T7.
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did you enabled https server?

conf t
  ip http server
  ip http authentication local
  uername cccc privilege 15 sec yyyyy
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure Admin


what shall I be putting in for cccc and yyyyy
You put what ever you would want there, that is how you set a username for privilege level 15 and using a secret type password.

so cccc would be a username like say george, fred, ect. and yyyyy is the password.

If this works out for you be sure to give the points to ikalmar.

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