How do I add a module to a ruby mine project ?

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I have rubymine ide and have read some good things about modules.  I want to put all my reuseable code in a module and use that as a basis for all my code, forever and ever.

The gui does not have a "file /new /module".

If I put it in a project, how do I find it for later projects ?  Should i put in a symlink ?

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My teacher has a great page for our scripting class. This section is about modules and it should be helpful.¬es=10
Here are some links that show how to extract a module from existing code in RubyMind:

Much of the code I've seen puts modules into a separate 'lib' directory inside your project. If you want to use the module from several projects, you'll have to put it into a separate library and then make that library available to Ruby in the project that uses it (gems do that by dropping their code into a subdirectory that ruby already knows about and then initializing themselves).

Take a look at for how gems are structured / created for some insight into this.


Jesii - great job, by the way I have paid for my ide, wating for lic.    

Mhamel - thanks for the class, will be using it.

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