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Network 1: 192.168.1.x/24
Router 1:

Network 2:
Router 2:

So we have these two networks both with internet connections and both with an ASA. We've been juggling static routes for so long due to the two LANS in house so I bought a small layer 3 switch to help us route.

I was hoping to trasition everyone to Network 2 over time.

I assigned fa0/1 with the ip and fa0/2
I added static routes and everything seems to play nice except the internet. When I set a default gateway to go out either of the internet connections we have one side of the network that can't get to the internet. I think it's a NAT issue but I'm not sure. Any ideas? Thanks!
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you need to enable routing oh L3 switch:

conf t
ip routing
ip route x.xx.x.x

x.x.x.x the asa leg

you need to enable nat
nat (inside)
route inside y.y.y.y


Those are all enabled.

It's def a NAT issue. Routing is enabled however on the ASA that's doing the nat - it's only doing it for one of the networks, not both.

If I add another dynaic NAT policy it seems to mess up the internet altogether.
What does your current nat statment look like, that may help us see the problem.
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IS there 1 ASA or 2,  I didn't quite understand from the description.  

If there is 1, then can I assume that the network looks like this:

subnet for asa to switch comm>
|                |
fa1               fa2
10.3.0.x        192.168.40.x

The ASA and switch would normally share a single subnet (i.e., where asa is and sw is    then the sw would have a catchall set to "iproute"       The Asa would then send all to  


I actually got this working. It was a NAT issue. I needed to allow the other networks to be NAT'ed out as well. I will split points.

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