Can a Disabled Cisco Console port be recovered?

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We have an 1841 with disabled console and aux ports. It has fa0/0 and fa0/1 ports (and a T-1 WIC, no factor) which I haven't tried yet, but the app where it was used it is unlikely to support DHCP. There is no further documentation.

It seems a shame to recycle this thing, so I'm hoping someone can illuminate me.


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How can you disabled the port?

It seems you need to do with password recovery:
Password recovery would help.
Console port is disabled when the command "no exec" is issued on the console line.
By doing password recovery any commands stored in the device will NOT be loaded.

Turn off the device, Turn ON
When you see the amount of RAM/Memory issue the Break Sequence
CTRL+Break , in HyperTerminal
ALT-B , in TeraTerm
confreg 0x2142

The router should boot up with no configs, as it were new

To change the Configuration Register back to default:
config t
config-register 0x2102

Hope this helped


When the machine boots, it does not display any output sequence. Ctrl-brk had no effect, i.e., to display rommon prompt.

When I happened to look at it later, to my surprise it had a hostname> prompt. From there I was able to guess the password and then I regained control.

The config does not have the "no exec" command; it was just very slow to boot.

I erased the startup, confirmed that NVRAM was empty and rebooted it. The machine behaves normally and I won't have to send it to the Cisco graveyard.

Thank you both for your prompt replies. Much appreciated.


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