How do I use the PlainText function in Access 2007?

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I have a Description field in a table where I've specified the text format to be Rich Text. In reports, the contents of the field are displayed with HTML tags. When I created a test table with a memo field formatted with Plain Text, Access 2007 indicated that I should use the PlainText function to display the text as plain text if the memo field text format was changed to Rich Text. I would like the text format of the field to remain Rich Text so that I can use tabs and carriage returns when entering data into this field. However, in reports, I need the data to print as plain text (without the HTML tags). How do I use the PlainText function in an update query to temporarily change the text format to plain text for this field?
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The PlainText method can be used in a query like this:

SELECT MyRichTextColumn, PlainText(MyRichTextColumn) As MyPlainText FROM YourTable

To do this in the Query designer, move to a blank column and type this in the Name row:

MyPlainText: PlainText(MyRichTextColumn)

Obviously you'd have to substitute your Column names.
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You can use PlainText function as you use Left function, but plainText removes formatting of input text.

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