User partially loses domain permissions in some offices

I have a user who works half time out of our office, and half time out of our corporate office, 800 miles away.  The domain is set up as a single entity.  He has printers and network shares mapped for both locations.  When at the corporate location, he can see and access shares and printers in both offices.  However, when he comes to our location, when he first logs on, everything looks fine.  All of the shares show up, and all of the printers shoe to be on-line.  Then about 20-30 minutes later, I'll get a call from him, and the network shares and printers in the local office will be unavailable. The shares and printers in the corporate office will still be online.  The only way I've found to rectify this is for him to reboot his laptop, after which everything shows up as online and remains that way for the length of his stay here.

The user is using a Toshiba Tecra A11 laptop, running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.  The DC in our location is running Windows Server 2000, as is the DC in the corporate server.

Any thoughts?
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When the user away from the main office, is the login into the laptop occur when the system is connected to the local LAN?
How are the drives mapped?  Do they get mapped through a login script or its the way the user mapped them manually?

Check the event logs on the laptop to see what is going on.

The mapped drives are configured for offline access?  It is impossible to diagnose or event guess what might be going on without additional details.
dcmathisAuthor Commented:
Hello Arnold,
The user logs on to the laptop with his regular domain credentials.  

When in the local office, the laptop is connected to the LAN before powering on.  

The drives are mapped manually, as \\server\share.  

The network drives are not configured for offline access.

I don't have access to the event logs right now.  I'll take a look in a few hours.

dcmathisAuthor Commented:
Addendum:  Yesterday evening, he took his laptop home and used it from there.  This morning, he brought it back in, plugged in, turned on, and everything came up as it should.  As of two minutes ago (11:30 am local), all printers and network shares are available to him.  The issue only happens when he FIRST gets to this location after working in the corporate location for a period of time.
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It is not clear what might be causing this issue.
The drive mappings are part of the ntuser.dat file (hkey_current_user)
The only possible explanation that there might be a stale session/record for the shares, or cached GPO.

Are there individual GPOs that apply to each site?
Presumably the user nor their laptop is being adjusted within the AD, but you may have Site based GPOs.

And this issue occurs everytime the user goes and works at corporate and then comes back.
Next time have the user try when they return from corporate:
login reboot login, and see if that fixes the issue i.e. applying a GPO on the second login upon their return.
Check the event log to see which GPOs are applied and whether there is one GPO that indicates that it will be applied on the next login.

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dcmathisAuthor Commented:
Sorry to be so long with getting back to this.  I am going to attempt a wipe/reload of the system. in the mean time, the user will be using a different pc.  Arnold, I'm going to award you the points for helping me.  I'll report back if the reload takes care of the issue.

dcmathisAuthor Commented:
I'm awarding Arnold the points for helping me even though the problem wasn't resolved.  I suspect something in the laptop is holding on to or not holding on to settings.

Thanks for trying arnold.
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