Blue light on drive in server

I have a solid blue light on two of my drives next to the green flashing light.  The other drives are all green flashing only except drive 8 which is flashing red and I know it has failed and needs to be replaced.   But what does the solid blue light on the drives mean>
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Can you tell us something about the hardware?  Make?  Model?  Implementation?  Anything?
cwilleAuthor Commented:
HP Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition  Proliant DL385G2
from hp:
Q3.      What are the system health LEDs used for? What do the different colors mean (green, red, amber)?
A3.      The front panel and internal LEDs are used to help diagnose a server failure. When an internal component fails, the indication is made on an internal component LED (amber) and on the front panel. If the item is serviceable without removing the server hood, as in the case of a redundant power supply failure, the External Health LED will illuminate. If the item is serviceable by removing the hood, as in the case of a fan failure, the Internal Health LED will illuminate.
If no failures have occurred, the system health LEDs will be green. If a failure has occurred, but a redundant feature has enabled the system to continue running, the LED will be amber. If the failure is critical and is/has caused the system to shutdown, the LED will be red. These LEDs serve as local indicators for several failure conditions. Insight Manager will continue to report these, and many other failure conditions, as well.
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1      UID LED and button      Blue = Activated

Flashing blue = System being remotely managed

Off = Deactivated
2      System health LED      Green = Normal

Amber = System degraded.

Red = System critical.
3      Power On/Standby button and system power LED      Green = System On

Amber = System in standby, but power is still applied

Off = Power cord not attached or power supply failure
cwilleAuthor Commented:
Since there is no mention of Blue  other than the UID which this was not as this blue light was on two of the drives I gather it doesn't mean anything serious.  Once we rebooted the server because it was locked up all was OK.  
blue is activated not a malfunction

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cwilleAuthor Commented:
This is hard for me to say if it is all right or wrong but I'll accept and move on - if blue on a drive is activated why wouldn't it be on all the time when it is in good working order instead of on when the server is locked up - don't answer my techs could not help me either they didn't hardly believe me as they had never heard of a blue light being lit on a specific drive - the lights on the drives are out now and the green is flashing and the only light lit on each drive so all is well.   Thanks for trying to help me understand.
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