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I cannot access the archives I created a while back. It worked fine last week, but now I am getting errors. If I click on the archive folder, the error is:"Cannot expand the folder. The set of folders cannot be opened."
If I go directly to the location of the archives and double click on one of them, I get, "The command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using."
Can someone help, please? Thanks!
Bob MacphersonAsked:
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I am assuming you are talking about a PST file. PST files can easily become currupt. You can try scanpst to fix it. Make sure you make a backup copy.
Bob MacphersonAuthor Commented:
I don't know if it's the pst files or the Outlook, I have 3 pst files and all get the same errors, it's hard to believe that all three got corrupted!
Bob MacphersonAuthor Commented:
I tried my archive2008.pst file and when it gets to 19% it says "An unexpected error prevented access to this file." Use a disk error checking program to check the disk, and then try using the Microsoft Outlook 2007 Inbox Repair Tool again."
Then I tried the other 2 archives and I got same message but at different percentage.
This is strange, they were fine last week!

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Make sure your hard disk is error free. If not, then try to copy all the archived PST files to a reliable hard disk, then do the following operations:

1. Backup all the archived PST files.

2. Use scanpst to scan and fix your PST file. See

 for a detailed information about it. The new version of scanpst supports to backup your PST file as well. However, I prefer to do it by myself. :)

3. If scanpst fails to fix your PST file, then your PST file must be badly damaged, in such a case, you should use a third-party tool called

Advanced Outlook Repair


to scan and recover data in your PST file. The tool will produce a fixed PST file which contains all the recovered data.

You archive files are located on a network drive (e.g. N:\archive.pst) ? If true, you should open it again when those files are copied to local drive OR network traffic is not busy....

The PSTs are designed for local message store. The network links use network-access-driven methods, which is contrary to file-access-driven methods used by PST. When the network traffic is not apt, chances are that the file may catch errors. For this reason, an archive.pst can get corrupt if saved on a network drive.

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Bob MacphersonAuthor Commented:
I copied them to C drive and they seem to work now, this is strange, I didn't think the location should make a difference!
But we will have a common problem ....  (How to backup?)

Why almost people would like to place PST file on network drive, we are easily backup ALL in server side. Otherwise, old email (archives) will be lost when your hard disk crashed!
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