How to convert TXT file?

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What formats could be converted to .TXT format?
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TXT is just an extension, so virtually any filetype can be renamed to .TXT.  Just because you've renamed a file to .TXT doesn't necessarily mean it will be readable as a plain text document.

Since you list Excel, you can save as a text formatted document by choosing SAVE AS and selecting TXT, CSV, PRN, XML, etc.   All of these are considered text readable.

Do keep in mind though, when you SAVE AS in on of these formats, you'll lose functionality that's available only in one of the regular formats.  Example:  If you've got an XLS sheet with calculations, formulae, etc., when you save it to plain text, you'll lose all the calculations, etc--getting just the raw text content.
Its a partial question like "what cars should be produced?"  it really depends upon what you have what you need what is possible given your tools.

You may try to follow the link below. As I understand, the site lists down all applications associated with .txt.




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