DLP Data loss prevention

I need some good DLP solutions. I've been searching around and have a bunch but anyone out there have expereince in maybe some specific ones that are really good and not extremely expensive?
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Take a look at this:


Protection Suite Enterprise Edition for Endpoints secures laptops,  desktops, mobile devices, and the data residing on them from compromise  through malicious intent or inadvertent loss, and automates processes  for incident response and security-focused endpoint management. Simplify  and secure your IT infrastructure with this unique solution from the  world leader in security.
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Most are very good at catching stupid, none of them catch a motivated person. Symantec's is ok, used to be vontu's dlp, we liked our demo of Fidelis much better.They will catch bad practices and depending on if you deploy agents can catch some insider threats, but a pass worded zip file thwarts most of them.
OpenDLP is another we tested http://code.google.com/p/opendlp/ and as agent based dlp goes it's very good as well, still a little immature. During our POC's we determined that locating sensitive data and using windows SACL's coupled with monitoring those events was all we needed. This involved user education, telling HR to store sensitive data in certain spots and letting users know what they could and could not share, and that we were monitoring for such sharing. People had data on google-doc's and were using yousendit and other file sharing services. We used our POC's to find the data we wanted initially and then began to centralize and monitor access to that data.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Thought before we drill into solution there should be some consideration on the DLP strategy and the candidates should help to complement the overall holistic approach. Not one solution can even cover the policy aspects, they can just facilitate as much for automation. See reference @ http://mis-asia.com/technology_centre/security/data-loss-prevention-best-practices
1. Identify and prioritise your most vulnerable risk points
2. Comprehensive accuracy is essential
3. Insist on proven, pre-built policies
4. Protect more than just confidential and sensitive data
5. Respond appropriately to each incident
6. Optimise your incident response process
7. End-user education and self-remediation
8. Implement a flexible architecture

With that, I see that key DLP should support at Endpoint, Backend and Network level to heighten the detection level. E.g. RSA has such support @ http://www.rsa.com/node.aspx?id=3426

There is also a gartner survey that list such DLP solution. I am not trying to promo any of them but the feedbacks of their strength and caution notes can help you to make an informed decision. Most of it relies quite on the capability of the content awareness, being able to identify application in the traffic level and also having more that just simple key word detect.
@ http://kennynguyen.us/2010/06/25/gartner-june-2010-magic-quadrant-content-aware-data-loss-protection/

But do note that for protected data such as password protected and encrypted traffic such as SSL/TLS would constitute to lower visibility low of the solution. Also fragment of data that is intentional send out will be challenging to detect unless anomaly mechanism is in place with organisation profile known for comparison. Rogue network that is not within reach of the DLP will be another missed spot. So do consider this when looking out for more than just DLP solution.

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Keef400Author Commented:
Thanks, I'll look into the ones you suggested above.
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