How do I check if my Windows Server 2008 R2 is an evaluation version?

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I installed Win Server 2008 R2 several months ago, then installed SQL Server 08.  I downloaded the OS and SQL Server from my Microsoft BizSpark account.  Well today, my SQL Server Management Tools showed up as expired...  Apparently I downloaded an evaluation version, so now I'm scrambling to remedy the situation.

My question is not related to SQL Server though...   I just want to make sure that my Win Server 08 R2 instance doesn't somehow come up as expired.  I'm pretty sure I have the full version running, but I want to be sure.  Where would I look for that information?  Attached is a screen shot of my Server System info
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Open a command prompt and type slmgr -dlv
This will show you your current licensing information.

Hope that helps.
To display license information use a command prompt, type:
slmgr -dlv [Activation ID]  (if you know the activation ID)
slmgr -dlv All (to list all license's information)


OK, I think I'm good.  I ran that and saw that it said"
Licensed Status: Licensed

All good, right?
Yes all good. If it's evaluation it will say "Initial grace period"
Well done!

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