How do i hide flashing cusor(caret) not mouse pointer

I have an input field that I want to enter numbers into,but I dont want the flashing cursor as im using onKeyUp to extract the data from the field but havent been able to find, (so far) any way to turn off cursor.. To be clear i dont want to turn off the mouse pointer I want to turn off the the cursor.. anybody now how to do this??

Thankyou for your help..
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Once a person clicks in the input field, the cursor will appear, there is nothing you can do to stop this, because that is the way the HTML input fields work in all browsers.  Why would you want to hide it anyway, how will the user know that his cursor is in the field?  It could seriously aggravate the user.

If you MUST make the page difficult for the user to enter input data, you can use CSS to STYLE the cursor.  Set the cursor color to white (or the same as the input box background) and it will effectively disappear.

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GCF1Author Commented:
Thankyou, I wanted to give the effect that there wasn't a  input box thats why i wanted the cursor to disappear
In future, the way to SIMULATE an input box is to use a SPAN tag --

<DIV>  <SPAN class="like_input"> this is your input</SPAN>  </DIV>

the span, styled correctly to look like an input box is ideal, because the user CAN change it, but only if your javascript wants them to, otherwise, the cannot change it.

Google for "styling SPAN like  input box" for further information -- and GOOD LUCK !!
sorry I misunderstood your intent here.  And keep on HTMLing.
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