Images imbedded in Outlook 2003 emails displaying red x placeholder

I am regularly getting the issue whereby instead of seeing images that have been embedded in emails in Outlook 2003, I'm seeing the Red x placeholder.

Now I know the fix for this is to go into the registry, and deleted the contents of the OutlookSecureTempFolder key and restart Outlook, and that does work..... for a few days, then I'm back to getting the red crosses again.

My Outlook is on a Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server, with roaming profiles.

I'd like to know what could be causing it to keep coming back - could it be a quota somewhere, perhaps in the GP?  If so, is there a way to automatically delete files in teh Temp folder so it doesn't get to the point it has to display the red xs?
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First, check your settings, see if is set to block images.  Go to:

Tools -> Options -> Security
Click "Change Automatic Download Settings..." and uncheck  "Don't download pictures or other content automatically in HTML e-mail"

bosshognzAuthor Commented:
Neither option in there is set.  When that option selected you get an information box at the top that allows you to download the email - I've never had that problem.
My problem is solved temporarily by deleting the registry key content for OutlookSecureTempFolder.  I'm after a more permanent solution - that lasts longer than a few days.
then my next suggestion is a Detect and Repair on Outlook (Help -> Detect and Repair).
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There is no resolution to this issue. This is caused because of the same file name for the 99 items. Once the limit of 99 is reached then the issue is seen. The only resoloution is to delete the "OutlookSecureTempFolder" from the security key as per registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\111.0\Outlook\Security

The only way to overcome this issue is to upgrade to Outlook 2007 or else you can create a script that will delete the folder when the users log off.
bosshognzAuthor Commented:
michko: Detect and Repair cannot be run in a Terminal Server environment
ashish:  Thats what I was hoping not to hear!  I was aware of the '99 items with the same name issue' - that causes problems for us when we have a user who receives an email with the same named PDF every morning that he opens.  After 99 days we have to go into his temp files and delete them all, and then he can view them again, and we start the count again.
It's a shame there isn't a way to overwrite the oldest files in there - that would solve the problem!
Will wait to see if anyone else has anything else to add that may help get around it.
You can download Outlook Clean up tool freely available at the website

This should solve the purpose.
bosshognzAuthor Commented:
ashishkpandey: Looks good - and I like the idea of adding it to the login script to run sliently, but am a bit dubious about installing it as the company has a review on CNET of disabling Antivirus software alerts, and is possible spyware.

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bosshognzAuthor Commented:
We never did try the Clean Up tool.  Weren't happy using it in a Terminal Server environment.  

May work for other people I don't know.

We're also moving away from using scripts on our servers when we upgrade this year to 2008 R2
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