?how do I place a PRINT ICON in the QUICK LAUNCH portion of the TASKBAR in XP?

I have a KIOSK machine.

I want to add a PRINT ICON to the QUICK LAUNCH portion of the TASKBAR in WINDOWS XP.

I want the user to "click" the icon and PRINT the current window in INTERNET EXPLORER.
I want the print to be immediate with NO popups or questions;
I want it to JUST PRINT to the defalaut printer.

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You need to make a print option on the kiosk page.

A quick print of the screen is a three step process:
1) capture the screen (prt screen)
2) paste the captured data in the clipboard into an application
3) print the page.

Here is an example given you've not included in what language your kiosk works.


I do not think these days following security enhancement by microsoft that an option is available where a control on a web page will be permitted to send documents to a printer without user intervention.

If the kiosk and the server it accesses is local to you, you can have the user request the print and the server side prints/sends the document to the printer. This way you will likely have more control from the server's side as well as bypass any need for the user to intervene confirm the print job.
philkryderAuthor Commented:

the page was created with WORD 2003.
is there a way to create a print button and save it?
philkryderAuthor Commented:
the page links to a selected set of other sites (a white list)

I don't control all the pages
I do want to allow the user to print on any of them.

I suppose I could write a note that says "press ALT+R"
and paste it on the screen;
I've seen PRINT icons in the QUICK LAUNCH tray and I'd like to use that.


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Will check it out on an XP system in the AM.....
To place anything in a quick launch you have to place the entry in c:\documents and settings\%username%\application data\microsoft\internet Explorer\Quick Launch

You actually want the quick print option in IE rather than in a quick launch tray.
If you do not have it displayed in IE, you can add it by right-clicking on any space of the tool bar and going through the customize option and then add or remove commands option. There you can locate the print command and added to the IE tool bar.
This will add the printer's ICON and when left-clicked will generate a print job for what is in the IE window to the default printer.

A possible tool to consider if the above is not what you are looking for is:
philkryderAuthor Commented:
arnold -
I have the PRINT BUTTON in IE.
I want the SAME print "icon" with the same effect to appear in the QUICK LAUNCH.
I am uncertain whether you can define such an action.
You want to have an entry in quick launch that will print the contents from the IE windows?
Ok, I was looking at printui.dll to see if there was this functionality to create a shortcut to print whats on screen, but no dice.....

Can "Print Screen" keyboard command send directly to a printer?

Might be able to capture teh commands and create a shortcut, but pretty close as it is, by hitting a single key, instead of a shortcut.....
philkryderAuthor Commented:

You want to have an entry in quick launch that will print the contents from the IE windows?
I've not seen such a thing and I am puzzled as to why would you have the user look in the quick launch to hit the print mechanism versus hitting the already existing print directive in the browser the user is using to access the kiosk?

The selecting of the quick launch items necessarily transfers the focus (which application is active) such that the only thing a print in the quick launch would be able to do is to print the entire screen as it is rather than the specific set of information in IE.
If the user clicks on anything outside of IE that brings it to the front, the print may not include the information the user would want.

The link I provided earlier for print-screen options as well as johnb6767's link might be what gets you the quick launch print option.
philkryderAuthor Commented:
arnold -  
the goal is to have a redundant option. to allow the user a second option to print. we don't show the toolbar in IE8 in order to maximize available screen space.
i.e. You are running IE maximized with F11/F12.
Is the task bar configured to auto hide?

It is one thing to use one of the tools to enable the "print screen" key on the keyboard to actually print out the screen versus capturing it into the clipboard.  The complexity of adding a print screen to the quick launch whose task would be to locate the active IE window and trigger a quick print is rather interesting, but not sure it is an option.

Depending on how your kiosk page is organized and whether you have the option for an overlay i.e. no matter what page the individual navigates to, you have an overlay DIV that has the quick print option.

http://www.jsmadeeasy.com/javascripts/Buttons/Fast-Print-Button/template.htm might be an example of a quick print option in the page.

Using powershell might make additional functions available, but have not found one that does exactly what you want.
What about just educating them to use CTRL+P toi print the page onscreen?

If it had to be an icon, maybe an AutoIT script or macro seems feasible.... But alot of work to go from a two key hotkey to moving the mouse ALLLLLLLL the way to the bottom, and clicking.....
philkryderAuthor Commented:
our participants may use the KIOSK only very rarely.

that is why we want as many options for them as possible.
I just dont think youre gonna find what youre looking for... Thats why I think we are all trying to find workarounds/alternate methods.....

a Simple .exe that can send the CTRL+P would be ideal... Not even sure what to look for.... AutoIT might be able to do this, although I am not proficient in it.... Maybe some other guys out here can get a script for a shortcut you can create....

So, you want this Quick Launch print icon/shortcut to provide the same functionality as if the user had pressed Alt+R? That is very easy to do with AutoIT. So easy I'll go ahead and post the script for it! Let me know if you need more info about compiling the script into an executable, the download for AutoIT is here: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/downloads.shtml

Open in new window

I spoke too soon... this code should be foolproof.
WinActivate("Internet Explorer")

Open in new window

You can download a printer icon to use for the compiled script here:

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