DCPromo on Server 2k8 halts; dynamic IP is NOT set

Hi, all!  Trying to set up a Windows 2008 Server R2 in a 2003 domain forest.  I ran DCPROMO, and it's stopping telling me to either accept using DHCP on NICs or set them manually.  The problem is, all adapters have IP addresses set on them (no dynamic).  Can't get past this step.

Any suggestions?
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For a Domain Controller there should only be one NIC that has an IP address. The rest should be disabled. Try to disable all the NICs  set a static IP on the one that is enabled and try to do the dcpromo again.
SteveAtLSCAuthor Commented:
Ken, thanks for replying.  Not technically true, but I see what you're suggesting.  We have the first two adapters teamed for redundancy, and a third for backup LAN.  All others are indeed disabled, even though I set them up with hard IPs prior to disabling them just in case.
ok, i was assuming multiple NICs on the same subnet.
On the backup LAN make sure you are not registering that IP with DNS.
Darius GhassemCommented:
You shouldn't have a backup LAN NIC enabled you can have teamed NICs but having secondary NICs enabled will cause issues with AD and DNS. If you have multiple NICs enabled with multiple IP addresses you will have NICs fighting for the DNS record which will cause DNS and AD issues. You should only have one NIC enabled or 2 NICs enabled in a Virtual NIC setup like a team.

Disable all NIC except the team.

The error could be caused by the team since there are some known issues with teaming within 2008 R2. Try removing the team and disabling the NIC then try to add to the domain

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SteveAtLSCAuthor Commented:
Well, I disabled every single adapter in the machine except for a single adapter, and it ran fine.  Maybe there IS an issue related to teaming in 2008.  But regardless, I'll re-team and re-enable the other adapters once I have the DC's replicating and go from there.

Thanks again!
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