Need to get my website approved by Google to run adwords-Please HELP!

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Hello All-

So I am new to the world of PPC and I have designed and created an adwords account to promote my payday loan website, which is an affiliate site that directly plugs into a ping tree of lenders waiting to purchase quality leads.
Currently all of my ads have ALL been disapproved due to "Landing Page and Site
Policies" the problem is that can mean a million things and I need to know what exactly I need to change in order to get my site approved and my adwords running. Please feel free to look at the code as well as the actual site.

NOTE: Please don't comment about how you personally feel about the payday loan industry or the affiliate marketing industry. I am just looking to make this site work not for advice on how or what I should or should not promote. Thanks!

Google Message Below:

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

We have reviewed your account and found that one or more of your ads or
keywords has been disapproved for violating the following AdWords

Site Policy: Your site is in violation of our Landing Page and Site
This violation has lead to the disapproval of this site's AdWords ads.
Please ensure your site complies with our policies before submitting
for review. Note: Editing and resubmitting the ad will not trigger your
site for re-review. To escalate your site for re-review, please visit

The problem report at the end of this email includes details about this
disapproval.  For more information you may refer to your AdWords
account. For steps on how to do this, use the following link:

You can also review all of your disapproved keywords from the Keywords
Tab. To do this, use the following link:

Please ensure your ad complies with policy before submitting it for
re-review.  For information on how to re-submit an ad for review use
the following link:

Please note that repeated violations of our policies may result in your
AdWords account and any related accounts being permanently suspended.
To avoid such action, please ensure that all ads submitted are in
accordance with our policies.  For more information about advertising
policies and account suspension please use the following link:

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does
not accept incoming email. If you have any questions, please contact us
through the Google AdWords Help Center at and choose
the right category for your question (for ad approval related queries
this should be ‘Ad Approvals and Policy’). Please note that you may
need to log-in before you can access this page.

The Google AdWords Team

It then goes on to list all of my ads and the reason for disapproval : site policy
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I don't think there's any way around it.

Their Landing page and site policy guidelines has a section on Misleading and inaccurate claims that states: Google AdWords prohibits the promotion of websites that make claims that are either scientifically impossible, or otherwise extremely misleading to users. This includes websites that promote unrealistic claims or promises with minimal effort.

Not my personal opinion, but i think that they've classified your site as being extremely misleading to users and that's why they decided to disapprove your ad. And there really is no way around it.
Systems Analyst Sr.
Well I would agree with you if there wasn't 10,000 other payday loan sites advertising on Google Adwords. I don't promise anything untrue or misleading, people who apply through my site will go through a LIVE real-time ping tree of payday loan buyers. Which will either accept or reject them based on the information submitted. Thanks but I can't see this being the reason if others do it every day.

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