Installing NVidea Driver Linux Fedora 13

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I'am trying to install the NVidia FX 1600M driver for Fedora 13, to activate "Desktop Effects".
But when i try this is gives the error message "linux cannot find precompiled nvidia  fedora 13"
after tryng to download the needed files from NVidia ftp site.


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You sound a bit like you are trying to install the Linux drivers just like it's done on Windows. That is not possible.
Even if you use the drivers as downloaded from Nvidia directly (which I don't recommend) you have to follow certain procedures step-by-step, otherwise you risk failure.

The best advice for a new Fedora user is to always check the Fedoraforums first:
There is practically no problem in everyday use that hasn't already been treated and solved there.

Here's their three step guide for installng Nvidia drivers from Rpmfusion:

If that seems too short, here are some more guides for reference:

And here's a guide for installing the ddrivers the way you wanted to do it:
(only use this method if the other one results in problems)

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