Medisoft Ofice Hours opens very slow

We moved a practice with a server (w2003sbs) doing nothing other than some limited file share and Advantage DB 8.1 for Medisoft V12 Sp2.  Office hours slowed to a crawl after the move.  The only real change was a wire run and a new HP MFP 2350 printer.  Everything worked prior to this.  I am the IT tech and know software but am not versed on medisoft or Advantage DB server.

I removed the HP software as recommended by a medisoft tech and it seemed to work.  but then reverted to slow mode (starts in 5 minutes).  I'm not so sure that the print driver issue is gone but can't figure out how to debug that.  Once Office Hours finally starts, super bills takes forever to print.

We have disabled and de-installed trendmicro try to fix this.  When Trendmicro was installed about 8 months ago there was some tuning needed to make Medisoft happy.  We have upgraded W/XP to service pack 3.  We have moved medidata to one of the 3 workstations and even running stand alone the product is still slow.

The product has been fine for years.  I can't figure out how the move could do this.  Medisoft runs fine on the server but will not work properly on the workstations.  

All machines are running at 1% cpu / 10 percent memory (2Gb on workstn and 4Gb on server).  Performance wasn't an issue and doesn't look to be an issue now.  

All other facets...word, excel, printing, internet surf, work fine with no slowness.  Ping to server is less than 1 millisecond.  

Any help would be appreciated.

Jon ConantAsked:
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Jon ConantAuthor Commented:
email I wrote to medisoft support person this morning.


I got up this morning thinking that maybe some left over HP drivers were causing issues and cleaned up the drivers in the properties and logon VBS script.  That didn’t work.  I put SP3 on a machine last night and that didn’t work.  

I know there has to be a reason but am so baffled as to how Medisoft can fold after moving PCs around (granted there were a few more pieces – ie new printer and different wiring).

I am going by there this morning and am going to set 2 of the 3 PCs to link to the server thru RDP and the admin access to it.  Very unsafe to go this route as users are logged onto the server  but it will get them into being operational again.  Can you help me make sure this works in a terminal services environment?

Once they are working again, we can look for final remediation.  You said data runs fine on the server and you put it on your test machine and it ran fine.  Bottom line is the 3 workstation PCs are now dysfunctional in their ability to run office hours.  It’s not a network problem as Office Hours won’t even run standalone on a PC.  

I am more liable to think that a fresh reinstall of Windows would do the trick as it worked on your test machine.  That would be the next step.

Jon Conant

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