Bad variable type (0x80020008) SQL Server sp_OAMethod

Windows 7 64bit
MS SQL Server 64bit
Delphi 2007

I am trying to pass a string value (lpstr) to a com object I created and I am getting the that Bad Variable error when I run the following code:

  DECLARE @DeductionAmount money
  DECLARE @HResult int
  DECLARE @DLLObject int
  DECLARE @ErrorSource varchar (255)
  DECLARE @ErrorDesc varchar (255)
  EXEC @HResult = sp_OACreate 'TaxLibrary.CalculateTax', @DLLObject OUT
  EXEC @HResult = sp_OAMethod @DLLObject, 'CalculateTax', @DeductionAmount OUT, 1, '00-000-0000'
  IF @HResult <> 0
    EXEC sp_OAGetErrorInfo @DLLObject, @ErrorSource OUT, @ErrorDesc OUT  
    RAISERROR('COM Error 0x%x, %s, %s', 16, 1, @HResult, @ErrorSource, @ErrorDesc)

The definition for that error message is the following:
Bad variable type (0x80020008)
Data type of a Transact-SQL value passed as a method parameter did not match the Microsoft Visual Basic data type of the method parameter, or a NULL value was passed as a method parameter.
I did not use VB to create my com object, but I do not think that matters.  I have the parameter defined as of type lpstr in my com object.  I am not sure how I am to format the SQL any differently.

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Can you please show the Delphi signature for the function?
I'll give it a go when I have time.
carv99Author Commented:
Here is the code for the function with in the com object editor
HRESULT _stdcall CalculateTax([in] byte CalcType, [in] LPSTR CalcCode, [out, retval] CURRENCY * TaxAmount );

Here is the signature for the delphi function:
function TCalculateTax.CalculateTax(CalcType: Shortint; CalcCode: PChar): Currency;
carv99Author Commented:
Even in the example seen here: they are passing in string values with no problem.

EXEC @hr = sp_OAMethod @object, 'Connect', NULL, 'my_server',
    'my_login', 'my_password'
IF @hr <> 0
   EXEC sp_OAGetErrorInfo @object

I cannot seem to find much about this online, but documentation dealing with this functionality seems to be using VB.  That leads me to believe that this issue is unique to delphi.
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carv99Author Commented:
Just to clarify, the com object was written in Delphi
Okay I just got time to test this and try as I might, and search as I might, there seems to be no solution.
The only thing that worked for me was to change the signature from LPSTR to BSTR.
If you do not have access to the COM object, then create a wrapper COM object, that has a signature of

HRESULT _stdcall CalculateTax2([in] byte CalcType, [in] LPSTR CalcCode, [out, retval] CURRENCY * TaxAmount );

which becomes

function TCalculateTaxWrapper.CalculateTax2(CalcType: Shortint; CalcCode: PChar;
  out TaxAmount: Currency): HResult;

Hope that helps.

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carv99Author Commented:
I ended up using Variants opposed to bstr i have not tried that.

Thanks for investigating though.
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