Expose MS Exchange Server 2010 to the Internet

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What ports need to be exposed to allow remote users to access Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 using OWA and Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email and access their contacts, calendar, etc?
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Outlook Web Access will require either port 80 and/or 443 depending on your setup.  Assuming you are not using any SSL, then port 80 for http should suffice.
As for Outlook connectivity, are you speaking to RPC over HTTP or HTTPS?  I'm assuming you're not talking about just exposing your Exchange 2010 server directly into the internet without any security.


I'm using all encrypted SSL connections,  RCP over HTTPS.  And yes, the server is behind a firewall.. That's why I need to know what ports need to be allowed in (forwarded) to give end users full Outlook functionality whether they're accessing their email via OWA, Mobile Device or Microsoft Outlook.

Also, what level of insecurity would this pose?
If you're using HTTPS, then it is most likely TCP 443.
RPC over HTTPS will give you full functionality of Outlook and no other ports are required.  443 will also apply for ActiveSync.

Outlook Anywhere:

Active Sync:
Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery Engineer
You only have to forward 443 to your exchange server for OWA, Active Sync, and Outlook Anywhere.    
Note for Outlook Anywhere you will need a certificate enabled on IIS to that of your FQDN of your OWA.    In addition you will need to enable Outlook Anywhere in the Exchange Management Console under Server Config --> Client Access Server  Right click the CAS server and select Enable Outlook Anywhere
Really no insecurity would be imposed since you will be going over SSL
If you cannot list out what the problem or issues that you are having, go to:

and do the test and post your results, so we can assist you further

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