Call forwarding to a specific international number without a physical phone

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We are running call manager 4.3.2 and I need to forward call bound to a specific DID to an international number. i.e. someone outside the company dials 215.XXX.XXXX and I want the call to be routed via call manager to 01144207XXXXXXX. I know this can be done on the phone but I do not want to tie down about 20 phones. Thanks
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You need to configure translation pattern for that.
In your example you receive 215.XXX.XXXX on your PRI. Then you strip the prefix 215. Then using a translation pattern translate XXXXXXX to 901144207XXXXXXX. You need to make sure the translation pattern is in the correct partition for incoming PSTN calls, and specify the correct CSS (in your translation pattern) so that 901144207xxxxxxx can dial out to PSTN again.  


I’ve never setup up a translation pattern before. Can you pls provide detailed instructions on how to accomplish this? I assume I’ll have to setup 20 translation patterns for the 20 DIDs I need routed to Europe. Correct?
Hi Ekita,
It's actually pretty straight forward:

- Click on Call Routing ->  Translation Pattern. (Or may be Route plan -> Translation pattern)
- Click on Add New
- Set the translation pattern to being the internal directory number
- Set description if desired.
- Set the correct Calling Search Space to allow an outbound call, and route option to "route this call"
Most of the other defaults should be fine..
- Input the "Called Party Transform mask" as 901144207XXXXXXX.

More info is available from here:

Do the 20 DIDs need to go to the one number, or multiple? Are they sequential?
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They need to go to 20 different numbers
You need to create 20 copies of the same translation pattern for each extension. All fields will be identical except the "translation pattern" . Enter the extensions in the "Translation pattern" field. For example>
Translation pattern 20001
Calling search space etc .... all the same values..
"Called Party Transform mask" as 901144207XXXXXXX  as morgan suggested...
You will repeast these for other extensions 20002, 200010 etc


Worked like a charm. Here comes the hard part...who gets the points???
Ah that is disappointing. I got zero points. You can split the points between multiple parties. We are helping you for the points.  I'll quit!!   :-)


abahar. sorry mate. This is my first post and I asked how to award the points but did not get a response. morganmce, would you be kind enough to share the points? :)
Hi Ekita, I'm ok with that - only fair!! I believe you have the option to object to the closing of the question, and then split the points between an accepted and an assisted solution. If you're not sure, if you click on "request attention", one of the moderators will be able to help!
No worries. I have done this several times in the past.

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