vSphere 4.0 snapshots not releasing after VCB with Netbackup

vSphere 4.0 when netbackup initiates a backup and the snapshot is taken, it's not released/committed once the backup is completed.  This causes a problem because subsequent backup/snapshots taken increase space on the LUN which has caused the LUN to run out of space, thus causing issues with VMs on that LUN.
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SCJOHN2Author Commented:
Spoke with support, they gave some commands to run at the command line to show all snapshots and we have set alerts to when a VM is running off of a snapshot but I figured there has to be a better resolution.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Are you using VCB or AVVI (vStorage API)?
SCJOHN2Author Commented:
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Roshan MohammedCloud Engineering OfficerCommented:
on the vcb server, is there enough free space?
SCJOHN2Author Commented:
Issue seemed to be having too many base OS disks on the same LUN.  Moved things around and havent seen the issue again

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SCJOHN2Author Commented:
Finally got the answer from Level 2 support with VMware.
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