Urgent! Filemaker server crash - Need help

I am running filemaker server on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 service pack 2.   I am administering this thing via remote desktop.  The problems I am having deal with Filemaker, Java, and Windows XP Server 2003.

Today the filemaker server crashed because the C: drive filled up.  Other people are using this server and that is a different issue.  But I am trying to get my database working ASAP and to delete unnecessary files.  

1.  The filemaker admin server won't even start.  Attached is the java core dump I get when I attempt to start the server.   What does this core dump telling me?

2.  I am trying to clear out space on this machine just to get my server up and running.  I found a huge data in filemaker log files logs since 2008.  I backed these up to a different server and tried to delete them but they are locked by a process.  I presume its the filemaker server that I cannot access.    Since I'm accessing this by remote desktop, how do I get to the task manager to hard kill the process, or should I even do that?

What are my next steps?

Any help appreciated.

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Log files are almost always safe to remove.  You need to terminate / turn off the service first if possible if not then try using process explorer from sysinternals to terminate it (microsoft download).  Then remove the offending files...
Also you need to check and determine why the grew so large..   The problem might occur again.

you can get to the task manager by right clicking the task bar at the bottom of the screen or you can start>run and type taskmgr

if you are connecting via remote desktop make sure you connect as the console not as a session..
start > run >  mstsc /console
then enter your credentials and such.. you should see the desktop of the pc not a session desktop

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when possible backup your data first....
delete temp files. there is always too much unnecessary rubbish.

located in %username%\temp
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tmonteitAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I was able to backup my data, kill filemaker server, and delete the logs.
I was unable to restart filemaker server.  I am unsure what the procedures are to start the server.  I was only given a user account and I only have 'Filemaker Admin' in my start menu.  
Is there a way to start filemaker server without full administration control or server restart?
Check the services .. see if you can start it there
a reboot?
startup menu
look in the filemaker folder and click the exe..
tmonteitAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.....I think I've done all that is possible tonight.  You've helped me kill the rogue processes and clear up 500MB.   For political reasons, I requested  the IT department deal with the restart, etc.  
  I still don't know what caused the Java core dump.  I will keep this question open pending any expert insight into filemaker, java issues.
when you run out of space all sorts of things fail.. I suspect that java is just fine.. it just crashed because of no disk space.
tmonteitAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  All said and done, I cleared out 4GB of log files.
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