Print barcode from web with no header or footer

Hi all. I have an Intranet site that has all of our products. There is a "Barcode" button that makes a popup box appear with a tiny barcode & style #. My problem is printing that barcode. It wants to print the header & footer of the page so it doesn't fit on my tiny labels that are supposed to go on the products. I have seen this done on other sites before I just have no idea how they're doing it (Microsoft MCP site is one of them). I do not want to force each person to edit their preferences to take those out for good. I don't mind forcing them to use IE if ActiveX is the only way, but it must be done in a way that they don't have to click an Accept box every time the try to print from the site. Any ideas???

Jon DeVitoCTO / CIOAsked:
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if you're able to change the code of that Intranet popup window (or ask somebody to make that change for you), you can make use of the CSS "media" parameter like this:

<link rel=stylesheet href="your_styles.css" media="print">


<style media="print">
/* your styles */

this can be a stylesheet where your header and footer parts will be defined as hidden and the media="print" part will load this stylesheet only when user will be printing that page (for viewing in browser, no changes will be visible)
Jon DeVitoCTO / CIOAuthor Commented:
Thanks CyberGhost but not really what I'm talking about (unless I'm misreading). Go to any website & click print...In the top left corner will be the Title of the page, the top right will be the address, the bottom left is the page #, the bottom right is the date & time.
I need to remove all of that stuff of the barcode will not fit onto the label...

in that case I misunderstood your question - however, this is a browser setting issue and since each browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera) use different header and footer to print pages, I guess there is no real workaround here perhaps other than resizing the barcode (which I don't know if possible)

... or at least I'm not aware of any solution to this issue. Sorry.
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Look at the "Generate in New Window" javascript behind this form 
Jon DeVitoCTO / CIOAuthor Commented:
Thanks but that just puts it into a popup but does not do anything for the printing...just do a print preview & you can still see the header & footer. Thanks though.
possible workaround would be to create a PDF file with that barcode and force people to download that PDF (or maybe open it from within their browser) - this approach would not generate any headers or footers, although it does require users to have a PDF reader installed on their system
Jon DeVitoCTO / CIOAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but it would also require a PDF creator on the server & I would have no idea how to create a PDF that would print to a 1.5 x .75 label. This needs to be idiot proof, I cant have them using multiple programs to print the labels out. Good idea though.
Jon DeVitoCTO / CIOAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help everyone but I figured out that the way to do this was using ScriptX. Thanks for the help though.


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