DHCP Server Options vs Scope Options

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I am configuring a new DHCP server on a 2008R2 server.  I looked at an old 2003 server.  It had settings under scope options for items 003, 006 and 015.  The server settings had nothing set.

I have a single scope for addresses  I have configured the scope options similarly.

Should I be setting server options similarly or just leave them blank.

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Server options are global to ALL scopes within that server's config.  Since you have only one scope, you can set either or both, but be sure to set them SOMEWHERE.  

If you should create more scopes in the future, or want to have your clients receive different options between scopes, you'll want to stick more to scope based options.

As a general rule, set server options for anything that you'll want to always have the same values across all machines that the dhcp server services.  A good option to set at the server level: dns domain name.

Set scope options for things that will be unique or specific to the computers from that subnet/scope.  To have multiple scopes, you'd need to have a segmented, multi-subnetted network.  By the time you reach the size of multi-subnets, you'll have a better appreciation for server options vs. scope options.

Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory Engineer
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Server Options in DHCP server are global settings and they are inherited if you create new Scope. So, If you have common DNS servers for all Scopes in the same domain, you can set up options 006 and 015 in server options (the most common scenario for VLAN environment :)).

Now each of your scope will inherit these settings. But if something is different for one scope, you can define it under "Scope Options" it will overwrite "Server Options". That changed setting will only affect this particular Scope.


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