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I am looking for any best practices in setting up an object which is used for when applications need a Send From email address.

For Example: Our Security Software sends email alerts for when certain thresholds are reached, and to configure this a From address is required. Assuming an anonymous connector is not configured in exchange, a valid user or address must exist but how is this best setup?

Do admins simply create a new User and disable, or creating a shared mailbox? Or a contact?
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in the exchange config, there is an option that authorizes users of a domain, or to be more specific, of an ip address range to send e-mails through the specific server. you can use this.
if you want to secure your server more, you can have exchange request authentication. in that case, you will have to create a new user, or use credentials of an existing one, depends on your scenario.
A combination of the two is good. personnally, I only restrict on a per ip basis, it may not be the best option from a security point of view, but it works relatively well for me.


Thanks for your input.

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