Tips on getting a iPad to connect to Exchange 2007 via reverse proxy

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iPads seem to be way touchier than iPhones, & my droids work great, so does anyone have any tips to get them to connect even occasionally?

They will connect to a Exchange 2003 server that is not using reverse proxy.
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Here is what I have come up with so far:

General smart device trouble shooting
1)      Turn off wireless connection on device. This should resolve many connectivity issues. If you are unsure how, contact your vendor for assistance.

2)      Reduce the number of items in your email “Critical Folders” (Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Sent Items & Deleted Items) to under 5000 items. You can use Outlook’s archive feature (File > Archive) to reduce the number of items in these five folders.

3)      Check for very large attachments in your Inbox and move them to a sub-folder.

General iPhone or iPad Troubleshooting
1.      First follow general troubleshooting steps above.

2.      Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar
Under the Calendar settings change the Sync to “Events 2 Weeks Back” (default is “Events 1 Month Back)

3.      Check the Server Name:  Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Exchange > Account Info  

4.      In the devices mail account setting screen: (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Exchange > Account Info)  
Leave the Domain field blank.

I know downloading the iPhone EAS Default Task Timeout patch for the iPhone from Apple seems to help with connectivity on the iPad but I still see a lot of timeouts & errors just trying to send & receive email after getting initial connectivity.


One interesting/unusual thing I have seen is that with an iPad on wireless only, if I set up the Exchange email client it will never work until I set up a Yahoo or Gmail account & sync it. Once Yahoo or Gmail syncs it causes the Exchange email to sync.....

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