Flash dynamic textbox text letter cut off

Hi all,
My dynamic textbox's text gets "cut off" whereby the last letter looks like it has been sliced into half.

• There is no masking on top of it, or around it
• the textbox size is way larger than the length of the text
• the text is not selectable
• textbox has no filter applied
• if I increase the sentence length, the cut off point still ends up at the last character

I have search the Internet for similar issue. Seems like a known problem. Suggestions based on "setting coordinates as absolute numbers without decimal",  and "removing filter effects" have been tried already, but still does not help.

So far, only specific boxes have this issue, and they are no different from other boxes which do not have this problem.

My workaround is to add one extra space behind each sentence so that the "space character"
gets cut off instead of my last letter. Works, but I am more interested in a proper solution, or how to avoid this from happening, since this is the first time it has happened in my few years of working with Flash textboxes.

Some one refered this as the "pixel shift" bug, not sure if that helps identify what this actually is.
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I understand that you are sure about this but would suggest you to set the border of the textField to true and test once.

Warm Regards
Deepanjan Das
intuitionconsultingAuthor Commented:
Surprisingly, it shows the textbox's border "slicing" out the remaining of the last letter when I did specify the border to be all the way across the stage. Setting it to multiline seems to work, but I have a similar box right next to it, and it didn't give problem.

Might you know what causes this anomaly?
that's very interesting, have never seen that. are you creating the textfield at runtime or is it placed on the stage? if the latter, if you paste that textfield into another file, does it do the same thing? if you use a different font?, have you checked your various textfield properties?

can you upload the file?
So, it seems you are using autosize property somewhere.

Can you post the code snippet for me to see.

Warm Regards
Deepanjan Das

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Warm Regards
Deepanjan Das
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