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How do I set "Documents" to point at folders on the D: Drive.?

A bit of background on what I'm trying to achieve. My PC has three 1TB hard drives. One is for operating system(s) with partitions for Win7-32bit, Win7-64bit, WinXP, and someday Unix. The other two are mirrored to be a single D: drive. I DO NOT desire any data of my own to reside on the C: or system drive.  If that drive fails I don't want to lose my data. The OS's can be reinstalled from CD's and the application programs from either CD's or an "Install" folder on the D: drive. In the last 3 months I have had the bad luck to loose 2 system (C:) drives on two different PC's running XP with mirrored data drives, so nothing much was lost other than the days it takes to setup everything.

Windows 7 uses library's. Also I know there is a command line "exe" that can redirect folders,  but I don't remember the command, nor do I know much about how to use it.

Regards, AbqRogers

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right click your documents folder and set target location
Your answers seem to be a workable solution for what I'm looking for, I need to think through the implications that perhaps might arise. Basically go to Start --> "User Name", then select a folder, eg Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, ... My Videos, Saved Ganes, Searches, Right Click,on a folder, select properties, the Location tab, then the location of the folder can be changed to whatever is desired.

Hmmm, after thinking about it, this process basically requires going thorough about 10 or 12 redirections. What about other uses? Another 10 or 12 redirection?. Then the issue of "public" files.

After thinking about it, my current thinking is I want to redirect "C:\Users\ and all its sub directories to another location on my D: drive. If I go to C:Users --> Properties --> Customize there is a "Choose File", but my suspicion is if I change this I will break every program installation file that expects "C:Users" instead of what I choose. In others word I want to change the relative location of "C:Users".

Any suggestions?

Regards, AbqRogers

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