3G Yagi Antenna to attach to 3G modem. Can this be used indoors

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Say, Poor 3G reception is being experienced at a site.
The antenna is designed for outdoor mounting.
If it is mounted indoors on a tripod what are the chances of it working effectively.
Disadvantages of a fixed outdoor mounting are that holes must be drilled and if the cell tower its pointing to is congested or goes down one will have to go outdoors to move the antenna.

Any other suggestions welcomed
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You can certainly use it indoors.    It will, of course, have some performance degradation due to the signal attentuation by the walls, but it will work fine  [unless, of course, your walls are RF shielded :-) ... which is VERY unlikely].

it totally depents on the walls and windows. When you have windows with foil on it, this will degree your signal, so does the steel in concreet walls.
Keep in mind that a yagi will improve your signal strength but it will be degraded when used from the inside. Aother thing is, that you will get a more directed signal, so you must point the yagi in the right direction.

see also: http://ikc.unimal.ac.id/berseri/onno-wifi/html/ch-10-antenna-and-cabling.htm

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