Migration VMWare to HYPER-V (Corrupt files)

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I'm currently using the applications VEEAM FASTSCP, and Virtual Machine Manager for a migration project.
I have 2 servers : 1 Hyper-V and 1 VMware esxi machine.
I would like to migrate the ESXI to Hyper-V in combination with FastSCP and VMM.
I use FastSCP to quickly copy the files from the ESXi. the time needed for this proces takes 4 hours. i copy the files to the VHD folder from the VMM application.
When the proces is finished. I open VMM and open "VM's and templates tab".
There is a server. but when I check the properties the C drive is missing. which makes it unable to convert the machine correctly.

When I check the copied folder, I see that the C drive is there. What goes wrong?
and how do i create a usable server for the migration?

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Looks like you are missing teh TSS-HKA-SBS-flat.vmdk file.  VMware has 2 vmdk files for each disk, one is a pointer the other the actual disk volume.  You have it for TSS-HKA-SBS_1.vmdk which is TSS-HKA-SBS_1-flat.vmdk, but not for TSS-HKA-SBS.vmdk.  Verify that all the files copied over.
You need to convert the VMDK to a VHD file before you can use it in Hyper-V.   You can use this free tool:


I've actually had better results importing a VM as though I were doing a Physical to Virtual conversion, but if you want to just copy disk files, you need to convert them before using them in Hyper-V.


Oke I installed the starwind converter. but i receive following error.

invalid file format... see picture
Put both the large flat file and the small vmdk files in the same directory and open the smaller file with Starwind, see how that goes.


Thanks for the help I needed to run the application in admin mode to convert the file.

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