hardening to VIOSERVERS


We have some VIOSERVERS running AIX5.3 without any hardening. Question:

Is any official DOC about how to hardening VIOSERVERS?
Is just the same as any AIX server?

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Hi again,
with "AIX 5.3" you probably mean IOS 1.x (which runs indeed under AIX 5.x).
OK, first step should be upgrading your VIOS to IOS 2.1.x, which contains AIX 6.1
IOS 2.1 has "viosecure" (not sure whether it existed in IOS 1.3).
With this tool (in parts it's somewhat comparable to aixpert) you can apply low/high/medium security levels, create own rules based on existing ones, and you can configure the firewall built into VIOS.
Enter "viosecure -view" to display all security setting along with a description. Use "viosecure -level [default|low|medium|high] -outfile filename" to get an XML file containing the selected rules, which you can use as a basis to create your own ones.
"viosecure -view firewall" displays the current firewall settings
"man viosecure" has a lot of additional info.
Please don't use standard AIX methods, like RBAC. VIOS is kind of an appliance, and you should use only IOSCLI commands, if feasible at all.
This is the IBM Infocenter (5.3) part about VIOS security - http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/powersys/v3r1m5/topic/iphb1_p5/securingthevirtualioserver.htm

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Most of the IBM official publications discuss the concept, planning and implementation. Most probably because the IBM VIO is an appliance by itself with a restricted shell so they did not pay much attention to hardening or security.
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