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We have a new implementation of a SalesLogix Web 7.5.3 server.  the slxclient runs fine, but we are having problems with the sdata not running.  We have done everything according to the setup and deployment instructions, but can't figure out why.  It reads the virtual directory okay and prompts for the logon, but then we get this message in the browser:
  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <diagnosis xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:atom="" xmlns:sdata="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:opensearch="" xmlns:sync="" xmlns:sme="" xmlns:http="">
  <sdata:applicationCode />
  <sdata:message>Unable to locate a handler to process the request 'Default.aspx'</sdata:message>
  <sdata:stackTrace />
  <sdata:payloadPath />

All the files are there, and the default.aspx... see screenshot.  

We are at a total loss,, and under a ton of pressure from our Sales dept to get this up and going ASAP because they can't use the iSLX app for the iPhone until we do.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IIS screenshot of the sdata Virtual Directory
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Richard QuadlingSenior Software Developer

I'm not an expert in IIS, but the error is telling me that the software required to process the aspx file is not available for some reason.

I'm pretty sure aspx SHOULD be handled without any real issue (I'm a PHP user, so my setup is slightly different). - maybe re-registering aspx will help. provides all the details about getting aspx working.
No answer.  had to reinstall app
Richard QuadlingSenior Software Developer

I would have appreciated some feedback on what I referenced.

Specifically the aspx integration site. is THE authority on IIS. The articles present are, in many cases, written by the code authors.

It would be interesting to know what was done differently to help other users.

I'd start by checking the Managed Code setting for the pool running the application. I use "No Managed Code" as I'm using PHP+FastCGI, but V2.0 and V4.0 are options on my server.


no answer given.

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