Problem with update bistream between ISE and XPS

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I actually use ISE 11.4, XPSand SDK.

I build a PPC inXPS that i have implemented inside ISE. Then by usind soft inside SDK everything is working fine.

Now i want to build teh software inside XPS in order to includ it inside the bit file(like that i can upload my bit file and have the software working directly).

What i did :

- In XPS i build a new software, and include my source (same than the one in SDK)

- Mark to Initialize in the Bram

- then i buid the linker => no error

- then i build the project => no error

- then in ISE i update the bistream with processor data => no error

Problem :

- when i do the same manipulation with the "TestApp_Memory" it's working well

- With my own software i got no error but it doesn't work => nothiing on the UART output

- if now i launch "XMD launch" and download my software it's working

Need :

- Can someone can help me to make my own software working when i inluded it inside the file.

Thank you
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I do not know if I well understand the problem. But it seems that the device image is not loaded into the fpga during the powerup. FPGA do not always have flash eprom, so you must load the file/image inside the flash, if the board haves one. Check the development board documentation.
my problem was inside the linker. Everything were in the DDR2 so i change and put everythin instead of hack and heap (on the ddr2). Noe the soft i well loaded when i put my FW on the FPGA.
I have some difficulty to understand your situation.
What do you mean with DDR2 ? the RAM? and what this matter with the stack (hack?) and heap??
and why you say that it doesn't work? Are you sure that the fw is loaded inside the FPGA? why?


sorry ,
i want to close this subject but i don't know how to do



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