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We have these red-lights outside of some of our rooms that we can turn, that say "engaged". Are there any more sophisticated systems, like miniature traffic lights, that can be mounted outside a room, where like "green" means enter, etc?
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Yes, exam room flags... doctors offices use em.

They are little plastic colored fold-up flags, or tabs, on a strip, that you flip up when they go into or out of a room.  Each color means something different for the occupant of the room: empty, waiting for doc, waiting for test,etc. etc..

You could of course determine what each color means for your particular situation.  Google 'exam room flags' and you'll find them in every combination of colors and sizes
OR you could go really high tech with a control4 system.  It's a wireless system of home automation gear.  One of the things they have are 6 button LED keypads.  You could have a 6 button pad in the hall, and one in the room by pressing button one inside the room for instance, you could make the #1 button light up green on the pad outside by the door.  Set a color for each button and then u dont even have to go outside the room to change the light status.
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(tongue-in-cheek)...why not just take the "Do Not Disturb" doorknob signs from your next few hotel visits and use them?
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Sure!  Put underwear on the knob, people will get it.
The more sophisticated the system, the more people will get it wrong. Knock, walk in and say 'does the orange and green together mean you are free or... oh sorry'.

A good old fashioned 'Meeting in Progress' either as a posh sliding sign, or just a notice taped over the glass will stop most disturbances. Taping it over the glass adds privacy, but may be a safety hazard so check first.


Thanks all, and good point Robin.
This is actually for a lecture room, that does courses in computer software. Sometimes, there can be a class in there just working on exercises, and then it's ok to knock and enter. At other times, there may be a lecturer in there doing a tutorial with the students - in which case it's not ok to knock - anything like that disrupts the class. I thought of a red and green light.
Just a notice' Quiet please! Class in Progress'.
Otherwise you are in danger of modernising just for the sake of it and missing out important information as you do it. The important thing here is to keep people away and inform them why.
A coloured light can mean anything, perhaps that a system has failed inside the room and needs investigating. So you need a notice to explain the light, and you need it in a prominant place like fastened to the door. So now it's a two stage process instead of just one.

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