How to display a tree structure from an Oracle table (recursive search)

I have a simple table that is used to build up a tree structure in an application. Then there are related objects loacted in a diferent table. In the application I can see the tree similar to a directory structure. Now, I want to be able to examine the tree from SQL in order to find large objects. I can do this in a query and get the objects ordered by size. The problem I have is that witnh my query, I'm not able to determine in what path these objects are located.

The table I have has the fields: NODE, NAME, CHILDNODE where NODE and CHILDNODE are integer ID numbers and NAME is a varchar2.

If I do something like:
select * from ossdnodes start with inode=1 connect by childinode=inode

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I will get the first level of the tree structure. But I would like to be able to get all in one go and then bring in some other information about the objects like size and owner from another table.

I think I need to use the WITH statement but I haven't been able to figure this out.

The desired output would be something like:

PATH                                               OBJECT
------------------------                        --------
LEVEL1 > LEVEL2 > LEVEL3          NAME

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(Formatting is not critical but a path separator looks nicer.)

Please just let me know if the question is not clear.
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Sharp2bAuthor Commented:
I can find several examples on the internet where it looks like the above select should work but the output I get is just:

But there are plenty of data below both "home" and "Applications" in my table. Here I just see the first level of the hierarchy and I would like to see the entire structure.
Sharp2bAuthor Commented:
OK, I had some progress now that I figured out that I need to use the keyword PRIOR like below.

The question that remains is how I can now get the names for each level in the hierarchy to show for each item.

SELECT name from ossdnodes start with inode = 1 connect by prior childinode=inode order siblings by inode;

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what version of the database?  connect by prior can work,  if you want to use a recursive-with, you need 11gR2
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Sharp2bAuthor Commented:
Sorry, due to network changes I had to go offline for a while. I should have mentioned the version, this is still Oracle 10.2. Thanks for pointing out that WITH is new in Oracle 11R2, then I can give that one up.

The SQL I gave above with ...CONNECT BY PRIOR... seem to do the trick but I still have not figured out how to include the path, i.e. the names of the previous parents for each item. I would like to find out how to concatenate these names into a string to present as well.
WITH isn't new to 11gR2,  but it "recursive-WITH" is.

as for showing the path,  try this...

SELECT name, SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH(name,'>') from ossdnodes start with inode = 1 connect by prior childinode=inode order siblings by inode;

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Sharp2bAuthor Commented:
Hey, cool, it works!

That was something completely new to me. (Well, I don't have much experience with these recursive queries.) Strange I didn't see anything like this when I tried to google for a solution. Thanks a lot!
Sharp2bAuthor Commented:
You just made my life a little bit easier and my report readable.
glad I could help
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