softlink access and chroot in linux

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I have created the softlink of the samba share in the users home directory this user login usng the ftp application if uncommented or removed this user from /etc/vstftpd/chroot_list then the user is able to cd or browse into the softlink but by doing so i have an security issue i,e user can cd from his home and see all other directories even though it is read only still it is not safe hence iam looking for something the soflink should be accessible but user should be still jailed in his home directory. please help me in this. Thanks in advance.
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Did you try the "mount --bind .." method mentioned in our previous thread?
This may depend on the FTP server and/or version of linux you're running, but on mine you do this by setting the login shell of the user ID to /bin/false.

You can try this by using the command 'usermod -s /bin/false username' or by editing /etc/passwd and changing the last field in the user's line to /bin/false.

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