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Hi all,

I added iAd to my iphone app and upload to iTune. Everything work fine but i don't know why only users in USA can load iAd. Allmost my customer in Japan, but they can't load iAd.
How can I solve this problem?    
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iAds are currently only available in the United States.  You will not be able to see iAds in any other country - no matter the amount of requests.  There is a service called AdWhirl which can change through Admob and iAd advertisements based on the location that the user is un.  Thus providing a 100% fill rate.  By just keeping iAds in your app, you will only get requests and fills from users in the USA.  I see you have many request from Japan, but sadly, you will not be getting any fill or revenue from that location.


Thanks for your help. I live in Japan and I used to see iAd by Japanese in my iPhone, so that I don't know that iAd is support only in United Stated. I will try to use AdWhirl. Thank you very much.

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