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I am looking at an ESXI4 host that was shutdown over the weekend for power maintenance in the DC. When it was started it up again 1 of the VM's was listed as inaccessible!!

- We are using local storage for the VM's
- When we browse the 2 datastores we can see all other VM's apart from this 1
- When we use the VI client to log directly onto the Host the VM doesnt actually even have a name, it says "Unknown, Inaccessible" (from vcenter, it syas the vm name,and has inaccessible beside it!!)
- I have been assured that the VM was not moved, and was definatley created on the local host storage
- Vmotion, storage vmotion, HA, DRS are not enabled in this environment.

I cannot understand how the VM files have completely dissappeared from the Host.  In my view this could only hve been done by deleting the VM files, creating it on a different datastore to being with, or storage Vmotioning it.

I am about to get the management agents restarted, and possibly the host if possible, but I doubt that will do anything. The VM admin has said that the datastore has the same amount of free space as it did before the VM went missing, and for a final nail in the coffin, there are no backups of this VM.

Any ideas, suggestions, troubleshooting step welcome.

- I have rescaned the storage adapters, browsed all datastores
- I am about to restart management agents and hopefully restart the host.
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It's hard to say why this happened "lamont...". I have had a couple posts on a similar experience (VM 'inaccessible') and in each instance, the VM files were no longer on the datastore and that was the reason for its inaccessibility. If you browse the datastore via the Client as well as via SSH and you can't see any VM files within the datastore, there is your answer...your VM somehow got deleted. Without any backups, there isn't any way to recover the VM. Your assumptions of how the VM could've dissappeared is correct...those are the only ways. You can right-click on your 'inaccessible' VM and select "Remove from Inventory' to clear it out of your "tree" of VMs. I assume you cannot ping this VM? If you can, there is some hope that it's somewhere...question is where? If your VM files are not on any datastore, not sure rebooting anything will help, but worth a shot....maybe even try rebooting vCenter Server if you have it.

Sounds like the vm was either deleted, moved, or you have a bad sector on your hard drive at the start of the file.
You could try scanning the datastore drives, otherwise it seems to be a lost cause with no backup.


COuldnt resolve this, the customer had to log directly with VMware


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