Hi I want to have a setup which has 2 linux with DB2 9.7 Installed which will have the datafiles in a single SAN storage. Now if i want to configure HADR , while taking backup of primary and restoring it on standby. will i be facing any issue??

And is there possiblity for making a HADR???
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you can configure hadr between any two db2 with tcpip communication
they don't have to be stored on the same SAN storage
mohitgylAuthor Commented:
No my question i will have the SAN as shared storage, so i want both database to have same datafile and lofg file as only 1
It appears you are seeking the linux version of AIX-HACMP.
See if the link pertinient:
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so what you really want is a cluster
not hadr

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mohitgylAuthor Commented:
yes .. my requirement i expressed was not clear... but now im clear as it is a cluter
mohitgylAuthor Commented:
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