HP-UX telnet & SSH access denied

After restarting the server (HP-UX 11.31 PA RISC) yesterday, NIS users can't telnet / SSH I get: access denied

I have no problem telnet / SSH as root and then su - to NIS user.

Any idea?
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What do you get with ypwhich and ypwhich -m ?
What is the result of domainname ?
questilAuthor Commented:
ypwhich, ypwhich -m & domainname provide all the correct info sam on other hosts that we have no problems with.
So ypbind seems basically OK.
How about the home directories? Do the come from remote? Perhaps mounted with wrong permissions? Is automount in use?
Maybe it could help restarting inetd and sshd !

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questilAuthor Commented:
Home directories are mounted from NFS using automount and we had no problems with it until the restart yesterday, and I can access them if I telnet / ssh as root and then su - NIS user.

I tried to restart (kill -1) the inetd & sshd with no luck...
Once you're logged in as root on the machine, does ssh nisuser@localhost work?
Once you su'ed to nisuser, does ssh localhost work?
If either of the above doesn't work, try ssh -v ... or ssh -vv ... (two v's) to get some debugging info.
Try the same with telnet (use -d instead of -v). What are the results?
If this doesn't yield sufficient info - configure sshd to use syslog, then examine the logfile, or start telnet with the "-n tracefile" option.
questilAuthor Commented:
Thanks woolmilkporc!
I restarted the server as part of SRP (secure resource partitions) post installation, and from root when i tried to telnet / ssh nis user@localhos i got:
Compartment access check failed: User is not authorized to login to the compartment associated with this network service.

so it's the SRP effected the system... do you know by any chance what I need to configure to fix it?
OK, that's not really my cup of tea, but as far as I see you need to assign the group your NIS users are in to the correct RBAC role.
This can be done using "srp", like
srp -r compartment_name -s login -login_group=groupname
or maybe with RBAC's roleadm
roleadm assign &groupname SRPlogin-compartment_name
If this has already been done - could it be that the NIS "group" maps are missing ("group.byname", "group.bygid")?
The above are just wild guesses, because I never worked with SRP.
Here is the SRP Admin Guide - http://docs.hp.com/en/5992-4679/5992-4679.pdf
Good luck!


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