Arcserve r15 Data DeDuplication

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We are testing setting up our backups to be Data Deduped.  We have 2 san units, one for staging, the other for the migration.  We have successfully setup a job and tested the dedup portion.  Our question is what happens to the original backup after the purge date is hit, say 4 months from now.  Will we have to do another full backup to replace it?  We are setting the units up across the WAN with a 10 mb fiber connection connecting the 2 sites.  We can push the deduped data acorss just fine, however we wouldn't be able to push a full backup across the WAN.  Any insight into the Arcserve process would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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There should be a counter attached to each unique data block as it is stored.  The counter goes up one each time that block is seen, and down each time a pointer to that block is deleted.  

The actual data won't be deleted until the count goes back to zero.

If they do anything else, you're using a deduplication vendor with a very, very poor implementation.
(the actual algorithm might be different,  but it has to be done something like this.  Position doesn't
matter; a particular block only 'goes away' when all references to it go away.

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