SSL certificate solution for Windows SBS 2003

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I am trying to configure a Windows SBS 2003 server to host company email (Internet email) and I want to purchase a public SSL certificate for it. I need a solution with below requirements:
1.Need a recommendation on a cheap certificate.
2.We have two email domains which will be hosted on the same Exchange server: and  I wonder if purchasing one certificate is ok or not.
3.I haven't configured SSL certificate before and I hope someone can shed some light on a detailed guide of implementing this.

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I use one from  ( ) It's free if you don't mind the not verified message. Or you could get for 50$ unlimited verified certificates.
1. offers "cheap" SSL Cert :-

2. You only need 1 cert.

3. If you are buying a commercial SSL Cert, install it on the server and that is it. Alternatively you can configure you own SSL Cert from the server - it still works but users will see a Certificate Security Warning page when they access the website (I pressume OWA) but can choose to continue to the site. Simply rerun the CIEWe wizard.
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Hi ormerodrutter,
I've just checked and noticed 3 options:
Single Domain:
Multiple Domains (UCC):
Single Domain with Unlimited Subdomains (Wildcard):

Which one suits my scenario? Must I purchase "multiple domains" one?
99% of chance I would say single. When you said your server is getting emails for two domains, are they completely seperated? It is not like one is .com and the other

But regardless of that, when you are accessing OWA you are only using one IP or URL so Single.


Yes, they are completely seperated, one is, another is
But we are using one IP and one Exchange server to host both of them.

I am going to create two  domain host names  which will be something like:
And both will be pointed to same IP.

I understand that I need to provide a domain name when purchasing certificate.
I presume that it should be ok if I use any of these two host names. Am I right?

Yes, although I would suggest using the main one.


Thanks a lot for all replies.
I've purchased godaddy certificate but failed to apply it.
I posted a new question here and please have a look:

I'd like to leave this one open just in case if eventually I have to go with another certificate instead of godaddy (i hope not).


I have tried godaddy first but failed to make it work. Contacted their tech support sitll can't resolved it hence I got the money refund.
Then purchased Startcom and it worked perfectly.

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