Moving DotNetNuke from SQL 2008 Express RC2 to SQL Server 2005

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I need to move a DotNetNuke installation from one website host to another. The existing DB is on SQL 2008 Express RC2. The target server runs SQL Server 2005.

I know it is possible to restore a SQL 2008 Express DB in SQL 2005?
Is there a special way to do the backup in 2008 so that it is compatible with 2005?
What is the process?
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I found this link:

I am going to try this. If it works, I will leave this question here for others to benefit.


Our web hosting company says they cannot run a SQL script to restore the database and need a "dump" of the database which they can then import into the new databse created for me on the target server.

How do I create a dump of a database?
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I assume that by now you already found out that backups from a higher version cannot be restored to an earlier release.  So that's not an option.

With "dump", maybe they're referring to a bulk-copy export?  (also known as BCP)  See also

Or, another way to dump your data is by using the Import/Export Wizard.  In the Management Studio, right-click your DB, choose Tasks > Export Data...
Not 100% sure if this exists in the Express edition though.

But erm, if I were you I'd look at finding a better host.  One that is using SQL Server 2008 and allows you to execute scripts.  I'm using a really cheap host for my blog and I have full control over my DB...

An alternative would be to use db synchronization software such as RedGate SQL compare / datacompare or equivalent applications (eg. search google :
Thanks for the advice.
Our current hosting company has struggled to get this right. We exported a script file and specified the target db as SQL 2005. They tried to import it their side to no avail.
We found a hosting company which can do the job but their monthly hosting costs are ridiculous.
We are going to leave the site on the existing server as this move is too much of a headache.

By the way, I found another usefull link on this subject:

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