iPhone Exchange Email - pushing sub folders

Hi all

I have an iPhone 3GS and I have push Exchange (2007) over SSL running on it.

Works fine for the most part, except I have a lot of sub folders within Inbox with automatic sorting rules.

It seems the iPhone only intermittently automatically picks up new mail in these folders. Otherwise the only way to get it to do it is to browse to the folder and wait for it to update.

Any  way round this?
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You choose which folders to push. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Your Exchange account > Mail Folders to Push

Just check which folders you want pushed.
hongeditAuthor Commented:
I have all folders checked already.

The iPhone seems to Push sub folders as and when it feels like it, regardless of 3G or Wifi.

For example I can be sitting next to my PC and see an email go into a sub folder on Outlook.

My iPhone intermittently will not update until I manually browse to that folder.

It doesnt work more often than it does work.
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Push email on the iphone, and indeed on android never works 100% it relies on to many aspects working together. The method Greg posted above is the correct way but i cant claim 100%.

The blackberry is the only device ive ever seen reliable push with.
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Which OS are you running on your 3GS?
hongeditAuthor Commented:

This has been the case from Jan 2010 when I first got the iPhone til now, so from 3.x upwards
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
It seems to be a known issue with the iphone, there are lots of posts on the apple support forums saying push email to folders is VERY unreliable and in most cases doesnt work at all.

There doesnt appear to be a fix...

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hongeditAuthor Commented:
Oh well, thanks.
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