how to schedule SQL Stored Procedures and email once the procedures are complete?


I have two sql procedures that I need to execture on a daily basis. How can I have SQL Server schedule them at a set time and then send an email out to appropriate groups with the time it took to execute both procedures?

I am using SQL Server 2008 R2.

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dbansal1Author Commented:

there is no tools, job scheduling (step 6).  This article was written in 1999, perhaps it was made for SQL Server 2000.  

would a sql agent job do the trick?
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do you have management studio as part of your sql package?
dbansal1Author Commented:

I do have the management studio.  How do I schedule an sql ajent job?

You can have it call the stored procedure, as well as other things like Email notifications etc. etc.

on management studio go to servers and expand the folders and you should see one called:
Sql agent

Expand this and you should see one called jobs.
Right click this and click on "new Job"
in the general bit You'll be asked for a title and I always change the job owner to sa.
Then go to steps:  
Click on new and in the large white area copy the name of the stored proc plus any parameters you may need.
In the drop down menu click on the database you need to run this on.
go to advanced and choose an output file to write the log to.
IF you have 2 procs then create a second step.
Then go to schedule and create your schedule.

now in order to get start and end time I suppose the simplest thing to do is on step one, before the stored proc write
and at the end of step 2
after the stored proc write:

and then generate and email containging the file path
so a step 3
with the email on it.

Try this let me know if you need more of a pointer.

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dbansal1Author Commented:

i am having trouble with the SQL Server Agent.

It says on the bottom of my server SQL Server Agend (Agend XPs disabled).

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Unable to start service SQLAGENT$r2stand on server MSFIXED. (mscorlib)


The SQLAGENT$r2stand service on MSFIXED started and then stopped. (ObjectExplorer)



What can I do??
your sql agent is stopped.

You need to go to the server and then
Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
Find SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) right click and press start.

Then you should be okay to proceed
dbansal1Author Commented:
The reason my sql agent was not starting was because it was running as a network service. I chagned it to local service and it works now.
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