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I'm running TeamViewer 5.0 on a pair of Windows workstations (Vista & XP). Both are connected over a wireless network, but they are physically not too far from each other, just too far to conveniently work on both. So TeamViewer is ideal in this situation. The only problem is that it's quite slow due to the relatively slow wireless connections. But I had an idea. Both workstations have gigabit network adapters, and I could connect them both directly using a cross-wired Ethernet cable (or just connect them both to a switch), and configure them as a local LAN. But how to I tell TeamViewer to stop using the wireless adapter for traffic between the two machines, and start using the faster wired connection? Is it even possible?

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Is it important for you to have this system work simultaneously on LAN and WLAN?
If not just disable WLAN, TeamViewer should be able to switch from WLAN to LAN, seeing that the only availible connection is on LAN.
Jimmy Larsson, CISSP, CEHNetwork and Security consultant

Windows has trouble knowing which interface to use when you have multiple interfaces connected to the same ip network. My experience is that it is a mess. I strongly advice you to only have one interface connected at the same time. Either unplug the ehterne-cable when you wanna use wireless och disable the wireless-nic when you wanna use ethernet. And this has nothing to do with which application (like teamviewer) you use.



Perhaps I should clarify. Access to the Internet over a a wired LAN connection is not possible, it's only wireless where I am. But, I have a cross-over cable that allows higher speed connectivity between the two machines. I was hoping there would be a way I could tell TeamViewer which IP address to use for traffic between the two machines. I do need to have both machines connected to the Internet over the wireless connection for other reasons as well.

Network and Security consultant
Ah, ok. You have your existing wlan with a default gateway on the wlan-nic, right? If you put a static ip on a completely different ip subnet on the LAN-nic on both computers and uses those ip-addresses (and not the ones assigned the wlan-interface) you will have your host-to-host-communication flowing on the wired network and everything else over wlan.

The keys are:
1) Use different ip networks on wired and wireless network
2) do NOT configure a default gateway on your wired nic.


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